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Oxford Leaders Scholarship Program 2024 (Fully - funded)

The Oxford Leaders Scholarship Program 2024 offers a fully-funded transformative opportunity for individuals to participate in the Oxford International Exchange Program, aimed at enhancing their executive leadership skills.

Program Description

The Oxford Leaders Scholarship Program 2024 offers a fully-funded transformative opportunity for individuals to participate in the Oxford International Exchange Program, aimed at enhancing their executive leadership skills. Hosted at the esteemed Oxford School of English in Oxford, UK, this scholarship aims to equip participants with the tools and knowledge essential for catalyzing positive change in their communities and beyond. Throughout the program, participants will engage in a culturally immersive experience, nurturing the development of their leadership and personal skills. Living abroad is integral to this journey, fostering personal growth by bolstering self-esteem and instilling the bravery to confront new challenges.

An exceptional feature of this program is the opportunity to engage with life at Oxford University, a globally renowned institution celebrated for its academic excellence, research, and innovation. Participants will partake in stimulating discussions and idea exchanges on success strategies and potential further educational paths with fellow students from Oxford University. Beyond academic pursuits, this program offers an enriching cultural experience, allowing participants to explore beautiful destinations, visit iconic architectural landmarks, and connect with international peers. By embracing new perspectives and experiences, participants will expand their horizons and emerge as confident, well-rounded leaders poised to make a meaningful impact on the world.

What You Will Experience and Learn in The Program:

1. Learn strong leadership skills and engage in activities with international youth, as well as explore various states in the United Kingdom.

2. Experience life at Oxford University and participate in activities with students from world-renowned universities.

3. Foster personal development, attitude adjustment, mindset, self-belief, and leadership skills while promoting self-improvement and a positive impact on the world.

4. Gain valuable international opportunities and networks while learning about diverse cultures to further your knowledge for future work.

Number of Scholarships: 1 for the Oxford Leaders Scholarship Program 2024

Program Duration:

An individual who receives this scholarship must commit to participating in all three stages.

• Stage 1: June 2024 - Prepare documents and apply for a visa.

• Stage 2: June - August 2024 - Attend an Academic Leadership and English Course online.

• Stage 3: August 18 - 31 2024 - Participate in activities at the Oxford School of English and Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Stage 1 Description:

Once the scholarship recipient confirms their eligibility, the program will send schedules for orientation and visa documentation preparation.

Stage 2 Description:

The program provides two pre-departure courses:

1. The first course enables participants to enroll in leadership development courses, enhancing their personal skills under the guidance of experts in academic training and leadership.

2. The second course offers English language classes provided by the School of Languages, Literacies & Translation at the University of Science Malaysia, ranked second in the country.

These courses will be conducted online via Google Meet every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (Thai time).

Stage 3 Description:

Main Exchange Activities in Oxford, United Kingdom:

1. Residing with carefully selected host families, who are British citizens, in highly secure neighborhoods.

2. Attending English language classes every morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Oxford School of English, emphasizing all four skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

3. Engaging in experiential learning activities every afternoon starting at 1:30 PM, visiting and exploring various renowned locations of Oxford University. Additionally, the institute will organize a one-day excursion to London during the weekend.

4. Visiting/explore the history and background of the Ashmolean Museum (The University of Oxford’s Museum of art and archaeology), Oxford University Museum of Natural History, renowned colleges of the University of Oxford including Magdalen College, and Christ Church, one of the top-ranked universities in the world.


• The University of Oxford’s museum of art and archaeology:

• Oxford University Museum of Natural History:

• Magdalen College (The University of Oxford):

• Christ Church (The University of Oxford):

• University Church and its famous tower:

5. Participating in a seminar introducing Oxford University along with guidance on the application process.

6. Engaging in discussions with students from various universities across the United Kingdom and Oxford University to discuss campus life, study techniques at a global level, lifestyle, and other related topics.

7. Attending the certificate presentation ceremony in celebration of program completion/course completion.

Activity Schedule for the Program in Oxford, UK

Please note that the attached program schedule is subject to change.

Criteria of Applicants

1. Age between 18 - 55 years old

2. Holding citizenship from an Asian country.

3. Demonstrating proficiency in English with a minimum IELTS/TOEFL score of 6.5.

4. Maintaining robust physical health.

5. Displaying a positive mindset and a readiness for self-improvement, along with an eagerness to explore diverse cultures.

6. Showing responsibility, adaptability, flexibility, and a willingness to embrace new learning experiences.

7. Having a clean criminal record.

8. Never having received a full scholarship from the UK government.

9. Not being previously selected to participate in the Cambridge Leadership Exchange Program 2.

10. Selected candidates must abide by the program's rules and regulations.


Application Process

1. Complete the application form, attach resume and other required documents.

2. Write an essay in English and attach it to the application form. Essay requirements are as follows: Essay question:

a. Topic: " The Role of Effective Communication in Leadership: How Proficiency in English Language Skills Enhances Leadership Abilities"

b. Use Microsoft Word for writing.

c. The essay should be more than 300 words but not exceed 600 words in length.

d. Please use Times New Roman font size 14.

e. Save the essay as a .pdf file for attachment to the application form.

3. Pay the application fee.

Documents to be Attached in the Google form:

1. Proof of application fee payment amounting to 400.00 Baht.

2. Resume/CV (Must include a photo with no hat and no black glasses).

3. Evidence of English proficiency test scores (if available).

4. Essay file.

*Uploaded document files must be in PDF format only, with each file named as the applicant's name-surname.

Payment Via Transfer to Kasikorn Bank Account:

•  Account Name: Kingdom International Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

•  Account Number: 163-1-75146-2

Application Form:

Scholarship Benefits:

1. Orientation fees for students and parents.

2. Tuition fees for the English and Leadership and Personal Development online course.

3. Accommodation with host families in Oxford.

4. Bus pass for unlimited travel within Oxford city for a 2-week duration.

5. Two meals (breakfast and dinner)

6. Tuition fees for English language courses at the Oxford School of English and activity at the University of Oxford.

7. One-day trip to London.

Upon receiving the scholarship, the recipient is obliged to serve as a group leader assistant. This entails:

1. Leading by Example: Setting a high standard of behavior and participation, demonstrating dedication to the program's goals and values.

2. Effective Communication: Ensuring clear and open communication with all members regarding schedules, expectations, and any changes promptly.

3. Responsibility and Accountability: Taking responsibility for the well-being and progress of all participants, ensuring their safety, engagement, and fulfillment of obligations.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility: Being adaptable and able to make quick decisions to address unexpected challenges while maintaining cohesion within the group.

5. Support and Encouragement: Fostering a supportive environment where members feel valued and motivated to succeed by offering guidance, motivation, and assistance.

6. Stay Informed and Update: Consistently staying updated on events, activities, and developments in Oxford and providing regular updates to staff and the committee to ensure transparency and informed decision-making.

Selection Process and Result Dates

•   Application Period: From April 27, 2024, to May 18, 2024.

•   Notification of Essay Round Results (via email): Expected on May 21, 2024.

•   Online Interviews: Scheduled for May 25 - 26, 2024.

•   Announcement of Interview Round Results: May 31, 2024.

•   Confirmation of Participation: May 31 - June 6, 2024.

Program’s Organizer

•   International Kingdom (based in Thailand)

International Kingdom is an international institution that has collaborated with various institutions and leaders in ASEAN and European countries. Our primary goal is to nurture young leaders and provide them with essential skills for networking. International Kingdom offers overseas exchange programs as a platform to gain knowledge and experience diverse cultures. Embracing unfamiliar situations and stepping out of one's comfort zone helps individuals learn how to adapt to diverse situations.

To visit the website:

•  Oxford School of English (OSE)

Located in the heart of Oxford city centre, the Oxford School of English (OSE) offers top-tier courses in English language and related examinations. Accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and the British Council, OSE caters to both junior learners aged 12 and adults aged 16 and above, covering all proficiency levels from CEFR A0 to C2.

Programs such as the Young Leaders initiative, Debating, and University Preparation courses are available. Additionally, students can opt for professional tennis coaching sessions. The cultural program is rich with guided tours of Oxford University colleges and local museums, trips to Oxford Castle, drama workshops, punting, and a plethora of sports and games.

To visit the website:

Public Lecture at University of Oxford

Afternoon Tea with Professor

Day Trip to London

Closing Ceremony

Project Gallery

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